Saturday, August 30, 2008

God's blessings

Michelle is confirmed to be pregnant. Yes, Praise The LORD for His wonderful blessings. Am amazed at how God works in the heart of Michelle. She has been refusing to have another baby for this near future and I sort of has came to the conclusion that I would not be having anymore children. But lo and behold God has work in her heart and spirit about having children. The news came to her without much crying or fear. She accepted the fact in a "good" manner, putting up a brave front while still struggling with her fears.

Somehow, we are hoping that God will bless us with twins. She has yet to go for the scan but I'm praying that we will have twins. There are a few other "signs" that Michelle experienced that indicates that it would be twins. Whether it is twins or not, we know it is God's blessings upon us. Thank you God.

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