Saturday, July 09, 2005

I have abandoned this joylist for quite a while. Not that there is no joy in my life. Just that I have been writing in my liquidblade more often now. Almost everything is recorded there. Anyway, here are some of it...

1. Thank God for blessing me with such a loving and understanding husband, who took time (though it is limited) to fill my love tank.

2. Thank God of Kiki fast mental and physical development. It is a joy hearing her say "PaPa". It is also a joy seeing her grabbing on to something to make herself stand. She grabbed my hair last nite to help herself up. Ouch! So painful.

3. Praise God for Belle who is quite a responsible "jiejie" at her age. During the time when daddy is away, I really can depend on her to keep an eye on Kiki. Her speech is improving each day.

4. Thank God for my mom-in-law, Enso Hong, Enso Sook Seem, Sis Roselyn and children who helped me out to care for the children when David is away.

5. Thank God for my parent too who is always there for me, anytime, anyday.